Pro Racing AI 0.0.2 has been released!

Published by DavidGutierrezPalma on 2011-12-15

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce that a new release of Pro Racing AI is available. All existing customers can download the new version using the link in their purchase receipt. We want to thank all early adopters for their patience, their support and their useful feedback, all the reported bugs have been fixed in this new release and some of the most requested features have also been implemented.



  • Added a new button to redistribute the nodes equidistantly around the track following the current racing line.
  • Added a new button to center all the nodes in the middle of the track.
  • Added a new button to reverse the direction in which the racing line will be travelled.
  • Added two new buttons (Roll Left and Roll Right) to change the racing line start without moving nodes around.
  • Added a new checkbox to decide separately if node labels and handles should be shown or hidden in the scene view.
  • Added a new option to respawn AI-controlled vehicles if they are facing "the wrong way" for too long.
  • Now it's possible to assign several racing lines to each AI-controlled vehicle and change the "current racing line" in scripting.
  • Improved the sector parameter calculation, the "sector transitions" are much smoother now.



  • Fixed several bugs that made "max speeds" not being calculated correctly in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug that made "target speed" not being calculated correctly at runtime when the "Distances 2D" option was enabled.
  • Nodes "max speeds" are now displayed in km/h in the Racing Line inspector instead of being displayed in m/s.



  • The default color for the "border or the track" line has been changed to orange, so it's much easier to see if their handle has been selected or not.
  • The initial positions for the nodes in a new racing line has been changed, so the nodes handles can't be confused so easily with the Racing Line handle.
  • Several code optimizations that make faster the process of adding and removing nodes from a Racing Line.