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Install Notes


As Pro Racing AI supports several vehicle Physics engines, it is distributed as a *.zip file with several UnityPackages, one for each supported vehicle Physics engine.


Edy's Vehicle Physics

Pro Racing AI supports Edy's Vehicle Physics  4.2 or later. After importing the Edy's Vehicle Physics package into our project, we must import the ProRacingAI-Edy-Binary or the ProRacingAI-Edy-Source UnityPackage  from the Pro Racing AI zip file.


Pro Racing AI supports UnityCar 1.2 or later. After importing the UnityCar package into our project, we must import the ProRacingAI-UnityCar-Binary or the ProRacingAI-UnityCar-Source UnityPackage  from the Pro Racing AI zip file.

Unity Car Tutorial

Pro Racing AI both Physics models (simple & alternate) from the Unity Car Tutorial. After importing these vehicle Physics into our project, we must import the ProRacingAI-UnityTutorial-Binary or the ProRacingAI-UnityTutorial-Source UnityPackage  from the Pro Racing AI zip file.

Known issues with binary distribution

Under certain circunstances, Unity is unable to import correctly the .NET assemblies (*.dll) included in the binary distribution. When the UnityPackage has been imported correctly, you will see in the Unity Project View the name of MonoBehaviour and Editor classes included inside the *.dll file (see the image on the right). However, when the UnityPackage isn't imported correctly, the name of the classes included in the *.dll won't be visible in the Project View and Unity will show several error messages in the Console Window (see the image below).

While we are still looking for a final solution for this issue, we have found a temporal workaround that seems to work in all our test cases: when the *.dll files aren't imported correctly, it's possible to export the whole project as an UnityPackage and import this new UnityPackage into a new project. After that, everything seems to work perfectly even after restarting the Unity Editor or reimporting all the assets using the "Reimport All" option.


Upgrading from Pro Racing AI v0.0.2 or older

There has been a lot of internal changes between the v0.0.2 and the v0.0.3 releases, so Unity will lose the Racing Line information stored in GameObjects and Prefabs created v0.0.2 or previous releases. To avoid the information loss, you should use the following upgrade procedure:

  • Before installing the new version, make a backup of your product folder (better safe than sorry).
  • Save the Racing Line information stored in GameObjects and Prefabs into external (JSON) files.
  • Install teh new version of Pro Racing AI.
  • Restore the Racing Line information from the JSON files generated before upgrading.