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Getting Started

Pro Racing AI is the only racing AI package that works, out of the box and with zero coding, with the 3 most popular vehicle Physics engines for Unity3D (Unity Car TutorialEdy's Vehicle Physics & UnityCar).


Pro Racing AI Install

Pro Racing AI is a racing AI package which doesn't include any vehicle Physics, so the first step will be installing importing into the project the desired vehicle Physics engine. After that, we should import the Pro Racing AI package adapted for the chosen vehicle Physics. For a more detailed information, you can check our Install Notes.

In addition, before starting to work in the AI stuff, it is possible that we have to tweak the physical parameters of the car to make it drivable: different tracks will have different optimal setups (wings, suspensions, brake bias...) so we have to make sure the car can be easily controlled in the selected track with the current setup. If the car is completely undrivable for us, it will be very difficult for the AI to get a better result.

Racing Line Creation

The next step is loading the desired scene and creating a Racing Line which contains all the track information, such as the ideal racing line or the grip at different points of the track. After saving this information into a text file, the Racing Line object is no longer needed and can be removed safely from the scene.

AI Parameters

After setting the Racing Line parameters, we must add the AI component to the AI-controlled vehicle. At this point, the AI can drive several test laps and we may realized that we must tweak the Racing Line parameters to get the desired results, this is an iterative process where the optimal values can be found only  by trial-and-error.

Machine Learning (Experimental)

Finally, we can use the Machine Learning to find even better values for the track parameters. We will leave the AI racing alone, trying to find better parameters to improve its lap times. Currently, the Machine Learning feature is in a "Work In Progress" status and it is considered highly experimental, so it should be used only with track parameters that are close to their optimal values.


Pro Racing AI can be purchased under two different licenses: 

  • Binary License: 60€ + VAT
  • Source License: 150€ + VAT

Both licenses have exactly the same features and the only difference between them is that the Binary License doesn't include the source code of the product, but a .NET assembly (*.dll) that can be used with any Unity license (even with Unity Free). Both licenses can be used under the following Terms of Use.